Sunday, December 14, 2008

Is this called work? (part 1)

Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves because it just doesn't seem real. We love what we do and it seems too fun to be considered work. We had a wonderful time with Bro. Roberto doing some follow-up to our last medical clinic. We left Coban mid-day Saturday and stopped to eat lunch at McDonald's. We asked the brother if he prefered a hamburger or chicken burger (that's what they are called here). Of course he said chicken. We wondered if this was even his first time to ever eat there but could not bring ourselves to ask him. He seemed to enjoy it.

We then traveled on to the town of Teleman where we dropped our bags off at the "motel" and headed on to the village. We arrived in time to fellowship with the local pastor and his family. We set up the equipment and then joined them for dinner- Caldo & tortillas. Here are some photos of us setting everything up. We showed the film outside so that there would be more room. We hung the sheet on the new school building that is being built in the village.

K'ekchi' Missionary Bro. Roberto and the local pastor Bro. Felipe

I love this photo of the boys looking through David's arm. They followed his every step and watched his every move. They were facinated by him putting all this equipment up.
When the sun went down we started the film. We showed "The Passion" and Bro. Roberto narrated. There was a large crowd that gathered and we were very pleased with the turnout and results of the night. Thanks for your prayers. Please continue to pray for the work in this area.

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