Sunday, November 23, 2008

Edwin's Graduation Service

Most schools here have classes from January - October/November. This time of year is graduation time. This afternoon we attended a church service here in Coban to honor the graduation of Edwin. He is our helper Sergio's older brother. He had worked for us as well the first few months we were here. He graduated with a teacher's certificate and will begin looking for a teaching position. Please pray that he will be able to find a job. Here are a few photos from the service:
Edwin & David

Receiving his certificate

Sergio leading praise and worship

The worship leaders, three of whom are brothers- David, Edwin, & Sergio(all on the left)

Edwin, his grandmother, and brother David

Jane, Wendall, Edwin, David, Sergio, & Regina

Regina & Mrs. Jane (this is my new K'ekchi' skirt I just had made- I love it!)

After the service everyone ate tamales and tortillas, and drank spice tea. It was a sweet service.


  1. You and Mrs. Jane look so pretty together. Tell her and Mr. Wendell we said hello. I hope y'all have safe travels this week.

  2. Hey Guys, Hope ya'll have a great time of Thanksgiving. We are praying for ya'll. Love ya.


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