Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday

I must say I did miss the day after Thanksgiving shopping that I used to love to do. I would always go with my sister-in-law, Robin, and we would have the best time. Instead, I spent the day "shopping" with David. And if you know David then you know I didn't get to do much shopping. ha We took the boat ride across the lake (which was beautiful ) and went to the town of Santiago. There we spent a few hours walking around the markets in that town.
David & I on the boat

Another volcano view

Approaching the town of Santiago

After walking around for a while we decided to drop in a coffee shop for a cup of coffee

David was thrilled when they brought our coffee to the table in a french press. It was probably one of the best cups of coffee I have had in Guatemala

Here is a photo of David with a local man from this town. You can see how some of the indigenous men there still dress. David is holding one of my purchases. This town is known for it's paintings. I was looking for another painting to go over my dining table. Malinda & Jackie will be pleased to know I found one :)

Boarding the boat to head back to Pana

Views of some fishermen on the water


  1. My Friday was disatrous. Kelly, Kaylie, Sawyer and I stayed at a hotel in Pearl Thursday night because Kelly had said that he wanted to go to Bass Pro. They were all three supposed to get up early and go and then pick me up at the hotel a little later. They didn't get up when they were supposed to. So I ended up going with them because they were running late. Well, when we got to Bass Pro Kelly didn't really have anything particular in mind. He just wanted to walk around. I got mad because we were just wasting time. Then he got mad. We got in line, paid, and left. We went to JC Penny where I bought two items and then we left. We went to Academy Sports where I stayed in the car and read a book. We went home after that. We were home by 12:00. Kaylie went to a birhtday sleepover, Kelly and Sawyer went to deercamp, I sat in the recliner and cried because I was so mad. I was just as mad at you as well.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I wish I had some of that coffee. I bet it is good. Love ya. Lynn


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