Saturday, October 11, 2008

Places to go and people to see.....

I returned home from the fair in time to catch my breath, freshen up, and head out again to a local high school football game. Copiah Academy (where David graduated) was playing Riverfield (LA). They won 18-15. We enjoyed watching the game and seeing people we have not seen in a while.

This morning Sawyer had another soccer game in town. We went to watch him play. Here are a few photos of Larsen at the game.

This is her mad arms. When she don't get her way she folds her arms and pouts. It's cute to see her do it.

After the game we went to meet my dad for lunch. Today is his birthday. We are spending the afternoon getting ready for tomorrow. We have our first two speaking engagements. We will be sharing tomorrow morning and night at two different churches in our association. Please pray that all will go well and that God will give us just the right words to say about our work and the K'ekchi' people. We are excited!

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