Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday night fiesta

Friday night we met several of our "kids" at Margarita's Mexican Grill in Jackson. That used to be a popular place the girls and I liked to eat at. We love their chicken fajita nachos. I had promised them I would go with them while we were home and we were about to run out of time to go. They were all home from school this weekend so we met up for dinner. We are speaking at our home church Sunday morning so they all wanted to come home to hear us.

They had the bright idea to tell the waiters it was my birthday to try to embarrass me (it's not my birthday). They said they were celebrating the one they missed last year and the one they will miss next year since we will not be together. That's sweet but I know their real intentions!! The waiters came by and sang, put a HUGE sombrero on my head........

and then smeared cool whip on my face! Do you think they knew that was going to happen???

After dinner we came home and played our favorite card game- Phase 10. We put on a pot of coffee and stayed up pretty late playing, talking, and having a great time. We are going to miss them when we are gone.

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