Friday, October 17, 2008

All our worldly possessions

We spent most of Wednesday afternoon at our shed going through all the things we just could not part with when we moved to Guatemala. I had a small list of things I wanted to take back to Guatemala with me. We sold and gave away A LOT when we moved and all the rest we packed up and stored in a storage building at David's mother's house. It was a little sad to see our stuff but at the same time there were several times we said, "why did we keep this?". We could go through it again now and really dwindle it down. One of the things we were wanting to take back most was our electric blanket. It does not get very cold where we live but there are times when it can get quite chilly at night. We have two in storage and found them easily. The problem was we packed the blankets separately from the cords. It took forever to find them. We are going to enjoy having this!

I also found all of my cookbooks and enjoyed looking through them. I will only be taking one back. That was a hard choice.

His mama has a pool and after being in that hot shed for a few hours we were dying to jump in. It was hot enough to swim but we didn't have clothing. Maybe we will get another chance to swim before we go home.

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