Saturday, September 27, 2008

We're in Guatemala City

The Lord will guide you always. Isaiah 58:11
We had a great drive into the city today. We had very little traffic and great weather. We were surprised to see all the mudslides that had recently happened. We were told by some other missionaries that they had been bad recently and that traffic was being stalled for clean-up. We saw many places where mud slides had occured but were not affected at all as far as driving. That was a blessing. We did not realize that the areas around us had received so much rain. We feel bad for those affected but at the same time are glad that the K'ekchi' have not had many problems this year (last year was bad in our area).

Here is a picture of us leaving our driveway this morning. To say we were sad would be an understatement. We are going to miss our home and life here and will be looking forward to our return at the end of October. We'll hang out here for another day and will fly out on Monday morning.
Thanks for praying. Please continue to keep us in your prayers over the next few days as we will continually be traveling and working our way home to see our family and friends.

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