Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Weekend Update

Rejoice with those who rejoice. Romans 12:15
We returned home safely yesterday afternoon. We had a great trip. It was fun and even relaxing at times. We actually think that most everything we do here is fun- not always relaxing- but most always enjoyable. We do love our work and just being here in Guatemala.

We arrived in Chisec on Saturday afternoon, checked into our rooms, and then went to visit the new indoor market that they had opened earlier this year. I have been wanting to go inside but we never seem to have time to stop. So, I finally made it there and it was nice. We walked around a little while and then returned to the hotel. It was too early to go eat dinner so we just hung out there for about an hour. Hung out is the best way to describe it because that is literally what we did-
The hotel has many hammocks hanging outside the rooms. We enjoyed sitting and swinging in them and some even took a cat nap before dinner.
We use this hotel often. Many of our teams have stayed here at least one night during their trip. They are in a constant state of upgrading. They had just recently opened up the new third level rooms. We snooped around and looked in all the new places. They have done a great job of adding on. They have a nice restaurant that we normally would eat in. We love to eat the tilapia there. Yum!! But, there is a new restaurant that opened a few months ago that we have been wanting to try out- Restaurant Mi Casita (my little house restaurant). So we skipped on the fish and drove over to the new place.

We had a great dinner there. We are glad to have finally tried it because it will give us another option with our teams when we are in that area.

This is us Sunday morning before we left for church. There is a nice pool and play area for kids. Although we have never swam in their pool, it is refreshing to look at.

We left after breakfast and drove on to the church. We picked up Bro. Miguel along the road so he could show us the way. He wanted us to go and pray for a lady who had recently given birth (15 days ago). She had some complications during delivery and wanted us to come by and pray. After spending a few minutes there we headed on to the church. They were celebrating their 4th anniversary. The outside of their building looks much older than 4 years to us.
Anyway, we had a great service there. There was also a baby dedication time for an 8 week old little girl. It was a sweet dedication for the family. Below is a video of the ladies serving the caldo for our lunch. They had fixed a very large pot and fed everyone. After eating, we headed back home to Coban. It was a great trip. We were glad that we were able to go and participate.

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  1. My favorite hotel. Yea!!!! How are the parrots? And the other animals? You know what I'm talking about. Ha!!!


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