Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A day of K'ekchi'

-and much study wearies the body. Ecclesiastes 12:12
Today has been one of those days that would make our language bosses very happy. We started the day with a K'ekchi' class. We spent most of the morning at Ms. Fran's working on a new lesson. We came home for lunch and worked a little on our homework. Then this afternoon I attended a Bible study for all the women in the Coban Baptist Association. It was held next door at the Coban Association Office/ Study Center. My tutor had invited me a few weeks ago and reminded me yesterday when she came to tutor me. There were around 45 women in attendance and about 15 little children with them. If you have seen the study center here, although it is a large room, you would know that with that many people in it, it was a packed house. They meet together for a study every other month.

This was my first one to attend and my FIRST thing EVER to go to by myself! Mrs. Jane and Mr. Wendall left earlier this morning for an overnight trip to the Peten. I almost didn't go because I was very nervous to go alone but I went anyway. I hardly relaxed the whole time but I was really glad I went when it was over. It lasted from 1-5. So, that is a whole 4 solid hours of hearing K'ekchi' and not having anyone to ask, "what did they say"? I felt like I was hearing a good bit or at least I had my own idea of what I thought they were saying, ha. I took my K'ekchi' Bible along with my English Bible for backup. It helped rereading the scripture references in English for clarification and for helping me keep up with the topic. Several of the ladies tried talking to me and that made me feel good although I stumbled to answer their questions because I was soo nervous. Their next Bible study will be in December and I am looking forward to being able to go back and study with them again. It can only get easier with time. Right?

While I was gone, David held our weekly prayer meeting time for our team. When I came home, we finished our homework. We then went out to eat. My brain was pretty tired by then so a nice night on the town was a good option. The only bad thing was that our waiter was a Spanish speaker and I kept saying K'ekchi' words and phrases to him, not necessarily on purpose, but that was where my train of thought was. Sometimes it can be very difficult to go back and forth with the languages. But, that's just a part of the learning process. Please continue to pray for our language learning, both K'ekchi' and Spanish, and for more opportunities like today that we can use them.

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