Friday, September 26, 2008

A change of plans.......

I the Lord do not change. Malachi 3:6
It's funny how things can change so quickly. Just a few hours ago I posted a post about our plans for the weekend and traveling and already they have changed. We had planned to arrive home on Wednesday, the 1st. The tickets we have are stand-by tickets. We knew all along that our plans could change and our flights were not guaranteed but because we got such a great deal on them we were willing to take a chance. So, all that said, we are changing our travel days due to almost booked/overbooked flights on Wednesday. Our only options are to leave on Monday or Friday. Neither of those days can guarantee us a connecting flight from Atlanta to Jackson so we are choosing Monday in case we get delayed we will still be home by mid-week. So, we still have nothing in suitcases but are hurriedly working towards it. We will now be leaving Coban tomorrow and traveling to Guatemala City and flying to Atlanta on Monday. If we do not make a connecting flight we will catch a morning flight out on Tuesday morning. Our friend who is helping us with our schedule works for Delta and lives in the Atlanta area. If we do not fly out of Atlanta on Monday night we will stay over with his family. We love his family and have worked with them several times in Guatemala so we would enjoy our visit with them anyway. So please pray for us as we get everything done around here, get loaded up, and for our travel to the city tomorrow.

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  1. We are flying into Guate on Monday for a doctor's appointment and passport stuff. What time does your flight leave? Maybe we will run into you guys! I hope you have a wonderful trip home! I want to see your slideshow. We are putting together a new presentation video and it is so hard to narrow down the photos... there is so much to tell and show! We are praying that your traveling goes smoothly and that you guys will stay safe. Have fun=)


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