Saturday, August 16, 2008

Update on the medical clinic

The Lord is good to all; He has compassion on all He has made. Psalm 145:9
We were working in the Lanquin area. This is about 2 hours from Coban. We held the clinic all day on Monday and Tuesday and half day on Wednesday. Overall we saw a little over 600 people. This was with 2 doctors and one pharmacist. The K'ekchi' missionaries stayed overnight in the village and showed evangelistic films on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights. The people seemed to be open and receptive to our being there. We plan a follow up visit at the end of next month with Bro. Miguel and we hope to see what fruit has come from our work there. Continue to pray for the people of Se' Seb that God would continue to draw them into a relationship with him.

We are creating a web album of all of our photos and will be posting it soon. When you see it on the right, click on it to view all the pictures from the week.

We thank you for your prayers. We know that your prayers helped to make our week a success.
Regina taking blood pressure (this is the family of believers in Se' Seb)

Gabrielle and Trisha counting pills in the pharmacy

This is Axel. He is a local health promoter in our area. He went with us to help see patients. He has worked with members of this team several times in the past and it was like a reunion for them to see each other again.

This is Rachel. She is a medical student and daughter of Dr. Jones who led our team.

Rachel and Mrs. Jane

Dr. Linda Jones, Ms. Fran, and Rachel seeing a family

Rick- the pharmacist, his wife- Denise, and Gabrielle in the pharmacy

David and Mr. Wendall in the pharmacy. They explained to the people how to take their medicines

Johnny and his wife Tricia taking blood pressures

David with Bro. Miguel & Bro. Roberto

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